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Friday, December 21, 2012

Half-Painted Ornament

No, I promise I was not just being lazy by only painting half of the ornament! It's meant to be this way. :) I love how half of the ornament is clear and you can see up into the inside of the ornament. Very neat.

I had made this one, with teal paint on the top half, along with a second ornament that had purple paint on the bottom half.

All you do is squeeze paint gently into the ornament and roll is around the top half. Or, if you prefer the paint on the bottom, just squeeze the paint directly down inside of the ornament and then roll it around.

Unfortunately, however, my cat broke the one with purple paint. While it was still wet, of course, and ended up with purple paws!

You just can't get mad at this adorable little kitten, though, no matter how many times he chews through the lights or how many ornaments he breaks.

:) He is just too adorable.

Do you have little monsters that like to terrorize your Christmas tree, too? Our tree is completely top-heavy. The bottom half has absolutely no ornaments, we've had to move them all to the top!


  1. Your cat is adorable, that picture is too cute!



    Found your blog via the Friday bloghop

  2. awe, what a cute little trouble maker :) Yea, we have one of those... even looks alot like yours! She likes to chew the tree and trink from the water in the tree bowl... -_- New follower from the blog hop!

  3. The ornament came out great and the cat picture is awesome!

  4. Following you from the blog hop :)
    xx sandra

  5. Hey there! Stopping by from the Lovely Blog Hop! Have a great weekend!

    Jo @ jomygosh.blogspot.com


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