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Saturday, September 15, 2012

DIY Ombre Bracelet

It has been ages since I've posted anything! Just been so busy with work and school! This is a simple and easy DIY for a bracelet. I figured since ombre is extremely popular right now, I'd do ombre colors. :)

Pick four colors (it can be any four, or it can be ombre colors like I did). Wrap the string around your wrist five times to get the length you need for a bracelet. I like to braid it at the beginning and end to give me a place to tie it on my wrist. Then separate the strings in the order you want them in. For this pattern, since I have the colors meeting in the middle, make sure you have the same color on each side.

(Repeat this step twice for every string. There should be two knots on each string!)

Follow the steps in the pictures for each color. Continue this until you have enough string for a braid on the end of the bracelet. Voila, you're done! Easy peasy, just a bit time consuming. I still haven't finished mine which is why there isn't a picture of the end product! (I know, I'm ashamed!)

These bracelets are something I've been making since I was little. They're a great craft for little girls to do! Great gifts as well. :)

PS- We're having a baby BOY!!!! I am beyond excited. :) I suppose I should have made a blue ombre bracelet, but I started this before I found out the gender. Now we have to start talking about NAMES! Ahh!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shopping + Baby Bump Photo!

Money has been tight recently and I couldn't even tell you the last time I actually bought clothes for myself! I recently got a job at Old Navy, though, and although I had never shopping there before, and honestly don't like many of their clothes, I found a few things that I thought were adorable!

I freaking loved this outfit! I was at work last night and kept eyeing those new jeans we got. They're pink corduroy skinny jeans! And I was able to fit in a size 4. Pregnant and size 4. :) I almost didn't buy them because I figured they would be incredibly impractical since I'll be getting so big soon, but I loved them so much I just couldn't say no. And Jon told me to just buy them when I was expressing my concerns. So yay for new pants! (I seriously only have like two pairs of jeans. So even though these are pink and don't go with everything, I still absolutely love them.)

This shirt I loved too, and had paired it with the jeans when I was working so I absolutely had to try the outfit on today. Although I thought it was freaking adorable, Jon said it was a grandma shirt, so I didn't buy it. :( I tried on three shirts and the pants, and Jon didn't like two of the shirts. The second was a plaid tank top and he said I looked like a farm girl. Obviously I need to take him shopping more often since he's very good at giving his opinion. Except I do really want this shirt still. :(

Also.....here's a picture of my baby bump so far! I'll be 19 weeks on Sunday. We're so close to finding out whether we're having a boy or a girl! I'm so freaking excited. I can't even express in words how excited I am. Everytime I start thinking about it, I just start squealing! (Jon is getting very annoyed with me teehee.)

It was still exciting to be able to get a couple of things from Old Navy. I got these pants and then a long sleeved shirt that I've been wanting for weeks (it was the only shirt Jon liked) and Jon got a pair of basketball shorts since he only has two and wears them like repeatedly every single day. I tried to convince him to get more than one pair, but he wouldn't. Oh well.

Go do something nice for yourself and buy an article of clothing you've been wanting for awhile. :)