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Sunday, March 3, 2013

DIY Nursery Mobile

I'm finally showing you guys the nursery mobile that I made! I'm absolutely in love with it! So colorful and fun!

The materials used were a small embroidery hoop (I know, icky orange, but it was the cheapest one at Michael's), paint swatches, a circle punch, thread, and a hot glue gun.

Be sure to cut out plenty of circles! I used about two full paint swatches in order to get enough circles.

Then I hot glued them to a thread. You could hot glue two same-colored circles together, but I liked having a gap in between the circles, so I hot glued one of each color to the thread, let the hot glue dry, then glued the same color onto the hot glue in order to get a gap.

Then, string the tops of the thread in through the embroidery hoop. I put a bit more hot glue on each thread, and also around the edges of the hoop in order to ensure they stayed.

And voila! It actually took quite a bit of time, but I love how it turned out!! So cute and colorful! 

Might I suggest, however, using thicker thread. My cat somehow pulled the mobile down from the ceiling and broke the thread, and then it got super tangled up. So I rehung it up using embroidery thread, and we haven't had another incident, thank goodness!


  1. Beautiful mobile. Easy to make too. Hoppin over from lots of love link up friday...

  2. Very Very cute! Looks like you bought it from the store!

  3. This is great because you can make it any color you want to, to match the surrounding. Thanks for sharing.

    I'm visiting today from the Super Sunday Sync hop

  4. This is so cute! love the whimsy and color!!

  5. Girl, I needed this post! I have to come up with a shower gift ASAP...it's already late. This is sweet and so are you!

    xo ak

  6. Oh I love it! Pretty sure I have something like this pinned on pinterest. You did an awesome job!

  7. So cute! I've seen variations of the design before {as a chandelier &/or sculpture} but love the simplicity of your version!

  8. That is super cute! :)

    New follower from the SSS link up!


  9. Very creative. I love the colors. do it yourself projects must be easy. I need to figure out me some and spice up my room. Maybe even some owl ones since I love owls so much.

  10. This is adorable Chloe! My daughter would love to have something like this in her room!!

  11. I am loving this mobile . . . thanks for sharing it with us. :) I'm stopping by from the Monday Mingling Blog Hop, and I'm your newest follower via BlogLovin'. Hope to read more soon. :)

    Mary Catherine of Fun-A-Day!

  12. Oh, this has so many possibilities! I could see one of these on my porch! I'd have to add sparklies tho. ;) Found you at the Share Something Saturday blog hop and now following you via GFC.

  13. Wow! That came out amazing!! : ) Love all the colors!!

  14. Chloe,

    Your guest post is up! Enjoy!



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