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Thursday, January 31, 2013

How to Cope With Being Overdue

So, yes, I understand there are women out there that are worse off than me. There are women that are almost 42 weeks pregnant and still have no signs of their little baby arriving. But I feel like I'm allowed a little bit of bitching time at being 4 days overdue. Especially when I expected to go early my entire pregnancy.

So I'm going to take my few moments of bitching and explain how I've learned to cope with being overdue and having absolutely no clue when Little Man is going to decide it's time.

One. SLEEP! I haven't woken up before noon in weeks. And two days this week I've slept until 2PM. I am not ashamed. I've even thought about staying in bed all day and just sleeping until he's born, but I do have some things to do around the house that keep me from getting to that point.

Two. Pamper myself. I've actually started trying to shave again. Yes, I know, TMI, and poor Jon, but come on. It is impossible to look or feel sexy with a belly this big, so for a month or so there, I just stopped trying. But now, I've decided enough is enough. This baby is not going to come into this world with an unshaved and unmade-up mama. I've even started trying to do my hair and put on make-up everyday. This is big, because these are things I tend to skip even when I'm not pregnant. Who wants to spend hours every time they get up making themselves look good? Although I do love that when I spend the time on myself, I feel invincible. So I've started trying to look all pretty everyday. Jon's mind is boggled.

Three. Not stay sitting at home thinking about being overdue all day long. I still make plans. I'll even make plans for next week and just assume that baby will still be in there. Seriously, what is so great about my belly? Talk about claustrophobic. I just assume that I'll make it to my next doctor's appointment, that any contractions I begin to feel are just Braxton Hicks and will go away as sure as they have been the entire last month of my pregnancy, etc. I try to see my friends and Jon and I try to enjoy each other alone while we can. We even went on a date to a Japanese Steakhouse the other night. :)

Four. Cleaaannn!! My nesting has fully kicked in, and although there are still a few times that I'll find myself lying on the couch for hours, there are still many other times that I just can't sit still because I know that there's things around the house that need to be done. The dishes almost never sit in the sink as long as they did before. The laundry is starting to get done much more regularly. I've finished just about all of my crafting and organizing in the baby's room. We are ready.

Five. Respond nicely to all of the phone calls, texts, tweets, and Facebook messages I get asking when my baby is coming. If I knew when my baby was coming, we wouldn't have problems like this. Instead, I just joke around and tell them that he's obviously very comfortable where he's at, or something of that variation. My belly is like a five-star hotel. I'm jealous. I answer the phone calls and just let them know that I'll call them as soon as something happens.

Six. Make friendship bracelets. I've made like almost ten in the past two weeks. It's been that bad. Jon just gives me the strangest looks, wondering how on earth I can just sit and tie knots for hours at a time, but it keeps me busy! :)

Seven. Meal plan. Make todo lists. Sometimes do what's on those todo lists. Start reading a book. Start reading a different book. Think about writing a book. Realize that I would never finish writing a book and scratch that idea. Plan Jon's school schedule for the next two years because I love schedules and I'm a nerd like that. Refresh Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Blogger, and my e-mail every two minutes to see if anyone new wants to talk to me. No one ever does. Sigh. 

So, basically, I do almost anything I can to try to keep busy and keep my mind off of this annoying, bulging, uncomfortable, constantly-in-the-way belly that I have. Soon it'll be an annoying, crying, pooping, eating, constantly-needs-to-be-held baby, but I'm okay with that. :)

And yes, I did have tons of fun with MacBook Photobooth today...obviously... :)

February 2013 Calendar Printable

Wow, can you believe January is already over?! This year is already going by way too quickly.

February is going to be an exciting month on the blog, filled with fabulous guest posts and all kinds of great information on getting your finances straight! Can't wait! :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

A-Z About Me

Right now I'm just sitting at the bowling alley watching Jon's bowling league and reading blogs. Then I stumbled across this baby, and was like, "Yes, something to do!" :) So for those of you who love these little surveys as much as I do, I hope you enjoy getting to know me a little better! :)

A - Available or married?
Why are the only two options available or married? Do you have to be married to be officially off the market? I'm not married yet, but I'm having a baby with the love of my life, so I am definitely not available!

B- Book?
I'm in the middle of like five different books. I always start reading them, then get bored and start reading something else. I really need to learn how to finish a book! The ones I've been working on are The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, One Day, Prince Caspian, East, and the last book in the Pendragon series.

C- Cake or Pie?
Cake, definitely! But I can really eat anything sugary. I'm a desserts girl.

D- Drink of Choice?
Usually Coke, but sometimes depending on what I'm eating, I really want water, milk, orange juice, or sweet tea.

E- Essential Item?
My phone, most definitely! I couldn't go anywhere without it!

F- Favorite Color?
Teal, hands down. Teal, turquoise, Robin's egg blue, blue-green, green-blue, seafoam green, etc. Prettiest color ever.

G- Game to play or watch?
I love watching baseball and football. I like playing card games a lot, though.

H- Hometown?
Hanahan, SC. Not born here but have lived here for most of my life.

I- Indulgence?
After I've spent a long time on a project or cleaning the house, then getting to lounge around and admire it. Best feeling in the world!

J- Job?
I was working at Outback Steakhouse as a server, but just finished up work last week before I have my baby! Not sure if I'm going to go back to Outback or try to find something else until I finish school.

K- Kids and names?
We're about to have a baby boy named Travis! :)

L- Life is incomplete without?
Without friends, family, love, laughter, good food, and fun!

M- Music group or singer?
Hmm...I don't think I could pick a favorite. I'm really into country music at the moment, though.

N- Number of siblings?
One sister and one step-sister, both right around the same age!

O- Oranges or apples?
I like apples better, but I hate apple juice. I love orange juice, but the fruit is just too complicated to eat!

P- Phobias/Fears?
I'm scared of everything! I hate the dark and I'm scared of things grabbing my feet from underneath the bed. I'm scared of brake lights and freak out whenever anyone else is driving because they never slow down early enough for my nerves.

Q- Favorite Quote?
Everything happens for a reason. I actually have it tattooed on my shoulder blade!

R- Reason to Smile?
The fact that my little baby boy will be here any day now. :)

S- Season?
I love fall! It's just the most absolute perfect weather of all!

T- Tattoos?
Just the quote on my shoulder blade. Although I want another one eventually, just not sure what I want!

U- Unknown fact about me?
I am EXTREMELY OCD. All of my notes, blog posts, journals, and planners have to be formatted the EXACT same way every time.

V- Vegetable you love?
Green beans! I love the canned green beans and could eat them with dinner every night!

W- Worst habit?
My sleeping habits. I stay up until about 2 or 3 AM every night then sleep until noon. It's going to be really difficult adjusting to baby's sleeping patterns!

X- X-Rays you've had?
Only two I think. One when I was 4 and broke my collarbone. Then one last year of my chest when I was having chest pains and breathing problems.

Y- Your favorite food?
Pizza. Can never go wrong with pizza.

Z- Zodiac
Scorpio! October 28!

If any of you decide to do this A-Z thing, leave me the link in the comments! I'd love to read your answers! :)

5 for Five


Here's how I did last week:

1. Have a baby! Really thought this was going to be the week, but apparently Travis is taking after Mommy and Daddy already and is going to be late!

2. Look into selling ad space. Check! If you're interested in sponsoring, you can actually go to this page here to check out prices or swap! Also, get 50% off using the promo code "ADSALE" :)

3. Meal plan. All done, and very cheap and hopefully realistic. Let's just say we're having lots of Campbell's canned soup and Hamburger Helper this week. ;)

4. Organize desk. Yes! I got so much done yesterday! Desk organized, bathroom cleaned, kitchen cleaned, dishes done, nursery finished, can you say nesting?! I am so ready for this baby.

5. Nursery mobile. All done and I love it!! Can't wait to write up a post about it and show you guys how it turned out!!

4/5 and one being out of my control is definitely a good week. 

Now for this week:

1. Have a baby--without being induced. At my last appointment on Friday (I was 39 weeks 5 days), doctor already brought up induction! She offered to induce me Thursday the 31st, but Jon and I both agreed that we want to wait and see if Travis will make his way out on his own. So let's hope he decides to make an appearance! I'd really rather not go all the way to 42 weeks only to have to induce anyways!

2. Make friendship bracelets. This is something I've always loved to do since I was a little girl. I've been working on some this week, and Jon just looks at me like a pitiful little orphan girl or something and has no idea how they entertain me for hours, but I love it. And did you know that people actually sell these things on Etsy, too?! So I'm trying to see if maybe I make enough, I can open an Etsy shop, too! How cool would that be?

3. Eat what I planned out each night this week. Unless of course something legit comes up, like giving birth or free dinner at a family member's house. Never turn down free food. But if nothing is going on, I don't want any excuses not to make anything. I hate cooking but that needs to change.

4. Sort out who is going to get what pictures. Jon and I got our first couple's pictures done recently and still need to divvy them up and give them out! And of course frame a few for ourselves, because we want to be like all the other vain couples with pictures of ourselves on our wall. :)

5. Spend less than $20 at the grocery store. I'm trying to give couponing a go, and I'm hoping I'll be able to find some coupons for the things we need this week so that I won't have to spend more than $20! If I can keep a $20 weekly grocery budget, we will be all set. But I don't even know if that's possible.

Happy Monday everybody! Have a good week!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Painted Yellow Dresser for Nursery

As one of the final touches in Travis's nursery, Jon, my dad, and I all painted this dresser that we'd been given. It was frustrating having all of the baby clothes scattered around the room while the dresser was out of commission, but as always, the end result was so worth it!

Now I apologize for my terrible blog-photo taking, in that this is the only "before" picture I have. I forgot to take one before my dad took the dresser to his house, and then even after I asked him to, he forgot to take a before picture before he started priming it. But you get to see one side of how it looked before we started.

Also, here is a picture of the drawers, ugly gold handles already removed, and all ready to be sanded and primed!

My dad was nice enough to sand/prime the entire dresser, and I was in charge of the drawers. I just gave it a light sanding, just enough to scuff it up a little bit, then primed each drawer.

Here it is, back in the garage, waiting on the primer to dry!

The entire project took almost two weeks. One coat of primer and three coats of paint, and we weren't able to make it to my dad's every day in order to get some done.

Jon and my dad did the dresser, and I kept my job and painted the drawers.

Then we went to Lowe's to get new drawer handles. The ones before were extremely ugly and they were gold--definitely would not go with yellow. I originally wanted plain white handles, but Lowe's didn't have any white handles at all. So we settled on black, which actually turned out quite nicely.

So after two weeks, we finally got our dresser back and filled with clothes! :)

I really like how the yellow turned out, even if it wasn't the yellow I was originally thinking of. I wanted something more "sunflower-y" but it still looks nice. Jon wasn't too happy when I told him I got yellow paint, because I first wanted to paint the dresser blue. But after the wall art I made, I thought yellow would match quite nicely. Even though "boys do not have yellow dressers!" (Says Jon.) 

We also ended up with way too much paint leftover. I've never bought paint before and I ended up going to the store by myself to get some. The woman asked if I just needed one gallon of paint, so I just said yes. Apparently you can get smaller sizes than one gallon? Jon and my dad laughed at me when I showed up with my whole huge gallon of paint for one dresser. Oh well, we have enough for about 100 touch-ups if it should need it!

Have you spiced up any rooms in your house by painting the furniture? It was my first time painting anything, so I had a lot of fun! :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

InstaSaturday: Jon's Birthday!

This Wednesday was Jon's 23rd birthday! He had gotten his birthday present a few days early because he went snooping through my desk and found it and begged me to let him go ahead and have it. I felt bad when his birthday came around, though, because I had nothing to give to him. So I had to still surprise him, somehow!

I made up some excuse when he was going to sleep so that I could stay up a little bit later and put balloons outside of the doorway for when he woke up. He really liked it and had quite a bit of fun running through the balloons. :) Definitely something I will be doing for our kids in the future!

Jon's not a big dessert person, but loves chocolate cake. So I made him a triple chocolate fudge cake with chocolate fudge icing. Can you say yum?! It was delicious. And yes, I know, I should be a professional cake decorator. You don't have to tell me. ;)

And the best part? Travis stayed put so now they'll each have their own birthdays! Yay! :)

Friday, January 25, 2013

2013 "Goals"

Although I've already expressed that I don't do/believe in resolutions, I wanted to make a list of "goals" I have for 2013, persay. Or rather, things that I want to learn how to do this year.

1. Learn how to embroider. I think these things are so neat and I want to be able to do this! I have tons of embroidery thread I've always used for making bracelets, but everytime I go to the craft store, I can't bring myself to buy embroidery hoops/fabric/needles.

2. Learn how to decorate cookies with royal icing. Because they look incredible and food is always more delicious when it's pretty.

3. Learn to crochet. Or knit. Or sew. I know, I'm hopeless.

4. Learn how to properly fold bedsheets. Those cling sheets are freaking impossible, I swear, you have to be magic in order to fold them.

5. Learn how to budget. In other words, we're 'bout to be broke if we don't figure this one out.

6. Learn how to decorate a cake with fondant. Because like I said, all food tastes better when it's pretty.

7. Learn how to manage my time better. No more sleeping all day, sitting on the couch watching TV/working on blog, or just being lazy and not getting things done. Also, lying in bed playing on your phone for two hours every night does not help you get to sleep any faster.

8. Learn how to meal plan.

9. Learn how to coupon. Goes with the last one a bit.

There's my list of nine "goals" or things I want to learn how to do this year! They mostly have to do with crafting/cooking or saving money. Because even though learning how to save money is important, we still need to have fun with our crafts/baked goods! :)

What are some things that you want to learn how to do this year?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to Remove Nail Polish WITHOUT Nail Polish Remover

Remember this post here? About getting my nails done? And about how nice it is to be pampered like that and everything? I'm not changing my opinion, trust me, it's awesome getting your nails done, and it actually lasted almost an entire week! (When I do my own nails, I can't even go five minutes without messing one of them up.)

But. After a week (even though the woman told me it should last twenty-one days. Last I checked, you cannot fit twenty-one days into a week.) the nail polish started chipping. Bad. And because they put about twelve billion coats of nail polish onto your nails, it's thick. So when it chips, it is so annoying. Or maybe that's just me being thirty-nine weeks and four days pregnant talking. Either way.

The only problem, is that I for some strange reason do not own nail polish remover. And I hate making runs to the store for something so menial. (Not even sure if that's the right word, but I don't feel like checking the dictionary right now.) Even if it was a huge annoyance. Although it's not like I could afford nail polish remover at the moment anyways. (Lord I hope that you are never broke enough to not be able to afford nail polish remover.)

After chipping at the nail polish all day long and basically just ruining my nails, I knew that something had to be done. So I opened up my handy-dandy Pinterest app (Boy, I love Pinterest) and looked up "homemade nail polish remover." I figured there had to be something I could do!

Anddddd......drumroll, please........I NO LONGER HAVE CHIPPED NAIL POLISH ON MY FINGERNAILS!

This was a very last minute post--I usually try to plan everything out weeks in advance--but sometimes things are just so exciting, that you can't not share them. In fact, I've already posted all over Facebook about my find, but I had to let you guys know, too, just in case you're ever in the same situation as me.

Depending on how thick the nail polish was, it may take awhile--about 20ish or so minutes--but for me, it was so worth it. Just grab your nail polish (preferably a light or clear color--at least, that's what the website said) and cover your nail with it. While it's still wet, use a napkin (I used a wet wipe) and wipe it off. Like I said, I'd had really thick polish on, so for me it just continued to thin it down until it finally came all off. Not sure how it'd work if you only had one coat on. Probably much better, but I'd still suggest using a color that you don't really like.

But it actually works. And the best part? My fingers don't have that impossible-to-get-rid-of nail polish remover smell!! I. Am. Way. Too. Excited. Don't you just love it when you can substitute something you have for something you don't and get the right outcome? :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First Couple's Photo Session

Jon and I went to go grocery shopping one day at the Super Bi-Lo. There are two Bi-Lo's right near our house, and for some reason, that day we decided to go to the one slightly further away. As we walked into the store, Jon got a phone call from his dad that had him slightly distracted for about fifteen minutes as he paced back and forth around the entrance.

Perhaps it was fate that at that very moment, there happened to be a large man sitting at a large desk about five feet from the entrance. He called me over, and being polite, I went to see what he had to say. "Thinking about getting some maternity photos done?" he asked simply.

How did he know? So of course, he immediately had my attention. I have a couple of friends that own rather nice cameras, but for some reason, setting up a professional appointment is so much easier than setting up a date to have a friend take our pictures. Ironic, huh?

He was offering a fantastic deal, only $16 for a photo session, one 8x13, one 5x7, and sixteen mini-wallets. I couldn't resist.

As the week went by, nearing our photo session, I began to worry. How small are mini-wallets actually? (It turns out, they're really small.) Will he only take one pose? Will we get to choose which pose? Can I order more pictures if I want to send more out to family? Who would get the bigger photo?

We arrived (yes, we had our pictures taken upstairs in a Bi-Lo, so sue me) and walked up the steps to the temporary photography studio they had set up. There was an older man, large, very nice, sitting on a stool. He immediately greeted us, had us sign in, and began setting us up for the first pose. It was a generic pose, regular, the first pose every photographer comes up with when they get a couple. Snap.

I knew I'd put on my prettiest smile, but I was a bit worried about Jon. He's a goofy guy and not one for professional photos, but they turned out great. He had even shaved and gotten a haircut that day in order to look more presentable and a bit less like a caveman.

Next, the photographer set us up for the classic maternity pose. My mind began racing again. We were taking multiple poses, would they give us an assortment of photos? Could we choose which photo we got with the package? I should have asked more questions, but I'm the type of person to just worry to myself...probably not the best trait to have.

"Chin a little to the left, sir, hand on her belly. There you go, now you put your hand on top of his. Smile, chin up," the photographer rambled off his instructions and we quickly obeyed.

This is probably my absolute favorite picture. I love everything about it. If I'm allowed to say so myself, we make quite a pretty couple. :)

Next, the photographer asked me to stand to the side. He sat Jon on the stool and arranged him as he saw fit. I couldn't help but smile as I watched Jon stare into the camera. He looked so handsome, so put together, so at ease in front of the camera. I loved getting our pictures taken. If I could have a professional photographer follow us around to capture all of our moments, I would in a heartbeat.

Then, it was my turn. I was a bit nervous knowing that Jon was watching me be photographed. I didn't know how I looked. I always feel like I look too intently into the camera and end up giving it an evil glare. I was nervous that I would look silly in my photo when I knew Jon looked so handsome in his.

The photographer put us together one last time for a final pose. This last one was easy, much quicker, with less instruction before one final, Snap!

"All done!" he announced, and we gathered our belongings. We set up a time for us to come pick up our pictures and walked downstairs into the grocery store.

It seemed like such a long wait in between the photo session and the date we picked up our photos, almost a month. Jon and I headed back to the Bi-Lo and I nervously worried to myself about what the pictures would look like.

I had received a "reminder" text from the photo company that also said they would have a few packages for us to choose from if we wanted more pictures than the original package. I knew I at least wanted a few and was anxious to hear the costs.

A woman stood up and greeted us as soon as we walked upstairs and immediately began to gush about my pregnancy. "I want a baby so bad!" she relayed to us. Then we began looking at the pictures.

"She's definitely a saleswoman!" Jon said later, after she roped me into a $150 package. She oohed and ahhed over all of the photos with us, almost begging us to buy a hugely expensive package. The first one she described was a $500 package and I was incredibly shocked. Who knew that photos would even cost that much?

I was extremely disappointed that I wasn't allowed to just pick individual photos and that I had to settle on a package. Especially when money right now is so incredibly tight. Jon seemed a bit irked that I agreed to buy more pictures, saying, "If I had gone in there by myself, I would have just picked up the ones we paid for and left!"

I knew I would regret that, though, and that these pictures are more meaningful to me than he would understand. These pictures stand for something more than just a short fifteen minute photo op in the upstairs of a Bi-Lo. They represent our lives at this point, my first pregnancy, our youth, our love, and our family.

I'm so excited to be able to send a few of the smaller pictures (thankfully larger than the mini-wallets--seriously, you can't even see us. We're the size of a thumb.) to a few family members. I know my parents (and I'm sure Jon's parents as well) will be elated to have these pictures of us at this time in our lives.

Even though I'm slightly stressed about the fact that the baby could be here any day and we have no money saved and I just (slightly stupidly) spent $150 on photos, I keep telling myself how much they mean to me and how worth it they are. (Even if I'm kind of wishing I'd let my friends with nice cameras give it a go.)

Monday, January 21, 2013

5 for Five


Here's how I did last week:

1. Create a monthly budget. Instead, I've decided to incorporate this into a Finance February segment I'm going to host on the blog in order to help me (and hopefully some of you) save a few bucks! :)

2. Go shopping for Jon's birthday! And the little jerk already found his present when he was poking around in my desk, too! (Well, really, our desk, and really, I should have wrapped it already.) But he's already opened it and using it now, since it was a headset for his Xbox because the cat chewed through the wire of his other one. He begged me to let him use the headset even though I still wanted to make him wait for his birthday!

3. Clean out my purse. Done! Thank goodness, man, it was getting out of control!

4. Get my nails done. You can actually see my post about it here. :)

5. Final touches on nursery! We finally got the dresser all painted and back in the room with all of his clothes and everything folded in it! I'll post about the painting adventure soon. :)

4/5, not too shabby! Especially since one I deliberately waited on. Very productive week!

Now for this week:

1. Have a baby! Now that I'm due in less than a week, hopefully this is the week he decides to come!!

2. Look into selling ad space. I want to expand my blog and make it bigger, and I'm also kind of broke since I haven't been working as much. I've been planning on starting to sell ad spaces rather than swap when I reach 300 followers, but I may start sooner. We'll see!

3. Meal plan. And work on grocery budget. Our grocery money has gone down significantly and I'm worried about how we're going to pay for food/groceries. So I definitely need to start meal planning and keeping track of all of our food expenses.

4. Organize desk. My favorite blog, IHeart Organizing, is having home office month this January, so I need to get my desk organized in honor of it! We've already moved it out of the nursery and into the dining/living area (which I love), and it's mostly organized, but a few touch-ups never hurt. :)

5. Nursery mobile. I still need to get this done! I've gotten all of the supplies for it, now, though, so the only thing left is to just sit down and craft!

Happy Monday everybody! Have a good week!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Organizing Loose Cords

I wish I had taken a "before" picture of my cords drawer. It was a nightmare. I spent thirty minutes untangling them all! It was also filled with original packaging of my camera and GPS, which are completely unnecessary. So I just took out the cords and manuals and threw out the boxes. I told you in this post about organization that I've always had trouble throwing out packaging, but I've learned that it really makes everything so much less cluttered.

I untangled all of the cords and then labeled them with a piece of masking tape so I would know what they go to. I then grabbed this old shoebox to put them in. I had actually kept them in the shoebox for a good while in a cabinet in the desk so that no one would see, because shoeboxes aren't really all that pretty. Even lime green and hot pink ones.

So instead of going out and buying a pretty new box, I decided to just wrap it with the wrapping paper I bought for Jon's birthday present! Jasper loves wrapping paper for some reason so was making it extremely difficult!

I'm also terrible at wrapping, so I was a bit nervous, but it worked out well! I love the colorful stripes! :)

Then I put all of the cords inside of the box (if they corresponded with a manual, I made sure to keep them together).

And voila! It's all nice and pretty on our shelf now instead of hiding in a desk cabinet. :)

I usually do most of my projects at night, but this was in the living room during the day, so I got some nice natural light for my pictures! While I had everything scattering the floor, Jon was like, "Why are you wrapping that box?" Uhh...because shoeboxes are ugly and I don't want one on my shelf? Men... ;)

What do you do to help stop your cord clutter? Do you like to use shoeboxes for storage as well?

Saturday, January 19, 2013

InstaSaturday: Got My Nails Done!

Have you heard of Groupon? My mom just loves it and is nice enough to send me a few Groupons as well. She's given Jon and I Groupons for dinner, bowling, walking tours, etc. This week she gave me a Groupon for a free mani/pedi! Definitely something nice to get done while being 38 weeks pregnant. :)

Of course the woman wouldn't turn on the massage jets in the water during the pedicure since I'm so close to my due date, but can you blame her? She kept asking if I was okay, too...I think she was expecting me to go into labor at any moment. 

I'm not going to post a picture of my toenails...the color is very different from what it looked like in the bottle...turned out to be a super dark forest green color when I thought it was kinda teal. Oops. But I love the color of my nails and how my nails turned out!

It has been years since I've gotten my nails done and it was so nice. The woman was shocked because she said my nails and cuticles look great and so do my feet! I love compliments. :) Manis and pedis are such great luxuries, though. I don't understand the people that get their nails done every week! Totally takes the special out of it!

Are you one of those people that gets your nails done all the time or do you like to save it for special occasions?